Dark Side of Light

Have you ever been to a planetarium? Have you admired the beautiful night sky dotted with thousands of stars projected above your head? Doesn’t it feel strange that the naturally dark starry night sky - the one that was a source of inspiration for our ancestors for thousands of years - is now so rare for us that we have to travel to designated areas to see it in its full beauty? Why and how do we humans destroy our surroundings with light pollution, what impact it has not only on us, but on nature as a whole, and also what each of us can do about it - all of this is presented in the Dark Side of the Light.
Length: 22 minutes
Audience: adults, schools, children 8+ years
Format: 4k / 5.1 audio / unidirectional
Languages: English, Czech, Romanian, Slovak
Coming soon: German, Hungarian, Polish
Release date: 2023
Full-length preview: