Amazing Planets

Come with us on a journey through the present and past of the Solar System, and discover some of the planetary highlights in this educational show with a funny quiz! You’ll be given an inside look at the formation of the Solar System and discover exactly when and where the Sun and the planets were born. With your own eyes you’ll glimpse the most fascinating nooks and crannies of our planetary system and see places that only interplanetary spacecraft have dared to visit.
But watch out – you’ll be wandering through scorching heat and across freezing wastelands, through the vacuum of space and atmospheres so dense you could cut them with a knife. You’ll stray dangerously close to a voracious planet-guzzler, weave your way through moons, rings and asteroids and chase a blazing comet. You’ll find yourself getting dizzy inside a gigantic storm, a storm that could easily snatch up the whole of Earth, fly over the top of the largest volcano and along the edge of the deepest canyon.
Length: 40 minutes
Audience: adults, schools, children +6 years
Format: 4k / 5.1 audio / unidirectional
Languages: Czech, English, Hungarian, Slovak
Release date: 2016
Full-length preview: