Robinson Girl

After seventy five years Halley’s Comet returns to Earth. On its way to the Sun a piece of the comet has broken off and it’s on a collision course with the Moon now. For safety reasons, the Lagrange Station situated above the far side of the Moon has to be temporarily evacuated. Sarah, a 13-year-old girl, accidentally lands on the Moon in a reconnaissance capsule. Her teddy bear — an advanced robot and a personal assistant — is helping her to survive on a Moon surface. But will she be rescued in time?
Robinson Girl is a feature fulldome film for families and schools. Audience will learn about the difficulties of an astronaut's life in low gravity while enjoying a narrative story about a cosmic adventure in not so distant future.
Length: 41 minutes
Audience: adults, schools, children +6 years
Format: 4k / 5.1 audio / unidirectional
Languages: Czech, English
Release date: 2017
Full-length preview: